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How Do You Track Your Travels?

When I’m travelling, it’s rare for me to purchase souvenirs. First of all, I’m usually on the road for long periods of time, and “things” just weigh down a backpack, and second of all, I don’t really have anywhere to display my travel momentos yet. I am an avid photographer, so my photographs are what I take away from a place. They are a constant sweet reminder of where I have been and all that I have seen.

However, the other day, a friend sent me a link to, and told me I should “do this.” I clicked on the link and discovered an incredibly thoughtful and unique way to remember my journey. By plotting pinpoints on a world map, I created a piece of jewelry that followed the same path I took on my journey through southeast Asia from July 2009 to May 2010.


Here’s an idea of how Meshu works.

My trip took me from my then home of NYC, back to Atlanta, then to London to see family, Moscow en route to India, then Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia (again) and the Philippines. Here’s what my journey looks like on a pendant:

This pendant keeps all the good memories of the places I’ve traveled close to my heart. What a simple, beautiful idea!

If you want to design your own piece, a link to Meshu’s website is below. Happy Travels!