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Sepilok & the Orangutan Rehabilitation Center

The first day following the climb should have been a wash. I really shouldn’t have attempted anything. I would have been content to find a table under a fan at the Inn and rest my legs, but instead we were up early on our way to the morning feeding at the Orangutan Rehabilitation Center. (I suppose this is what you get when you travel with an enthusiastic animal lover.)

Sepilok’s Orangutan Rehabilitation Center has been set up as a conservation effort and a rehab center for wild orangutans. Apparently only 20,000 of these animals exist, and they will easily reach extinction in this lifetime without our help.

Forests and jungles are being torn down so Malaysia can create more palm plantations, which is leaving these animals with little space to live, and even fewer resources for food and survival. The life span of an orangutan is decreasing, leaving many of the young orphaned, so the center rescues these young animals, nurses them back to health and then makes every attempt to release them back into the wild, and encourage breeding.

We watched the morning feeding and then headed to the Rainforest Discovery Center, which was next to our Inn. There were some walking paths, bird watching towers and a canopy walk, but my favorite part was the seriously air-conditioned exhibits inside the visitor’s center. I debated on whether or not I could ask to sleep there!

I headed back to the Inn for some well-needed chill out time and Aaron made his way back to the center for the afternoon feeding. Despite the fact that I only spent a day in Sepilok, it was great to see these playful animals up close and to learn a bit more about what we can do to help protect them. If you want to learn more you can check out the website at