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Krabi Town

Krabi is our first stop on the tour of Thailand’s islands. Krabi is actually on the mainland, but the beaches are just as nice as those you will find on the surrounding islands, and it’s a direct flight from Bangkok. By now, my kidney infection is a distant nightmare, and I am thankfully feeling 100%.
Since it is the tail end of wet season, we have unfortunately endured some bad weather, but luckily, a lot of the rain is conveniently falling during the night, so we are still enjoying all Krabi has to offer. Given that it is still technically wet season, Krabi is pretty desolate, but this means the locals are fighting for our business, so we not only have our pick of things to do, we are also getting off-season bargains. Given the rock structures in Krabi, there are quite a few people here for climbing, but we are opting to stay on the ground this time. Well, sort of.
We want to see more elephants, so we sign up for a half day tour at our hotel head out to spend the morning riding and feeding the elephants at a local family farm. The first half of the morning is spent riding elephants through the bush. These animals are slow and somewhat tame, but every now and again, they decide they’re gonna do what they want, meaning they frequently choose to take down trees and chase after cows with no notice. Slightly unnerving when you’re 12 feet up and have no control whatsoever!
After being taken for a ride, literally, we return back to the farm, where we have the opportunity to feed the elephants. We grab handfuls of bananas and get to work. I think they know what’s in store, seeing as they have worked for it. Here, they do act like the gentle giants they seem, and we enjoy hand feeding them, and attempting to take pictures while dodging their big floppy ears, as they swing them back and forth.
We have fresh, farm-picked Thai food for lunch and then take a tour of the farm to see everything the family grows- papayas, bananas, mangoes, rubber trees, durian…you name it, they are growing it. We then make a quick jaunt to a local river, where we spend the early afternoon cooling off and playing on rope swing. Clouds are starting to form though, so we dry off and head back to Ao Nang Bungalows. We get freshened up and have plenty of time to make it to happy hour for some cold Singhas and another amazing sunset!! Tomorrow, we are headed to Ko Phi Phi. We hope for calm seas, clear skies and warm temps.