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Top 10 Reasons why YOU Should Go to Caye Caulker NOW

Caye Caulker offers sun, scuba, sailing and seafood, so if the winter blues are bringing you down, you can stretch your budget on this little Belizean island. The best time to travel here is now until mid-April. Here are a few suggestions on what to do, should you even feel like getting out of your hammock…
1. You can master the art of gracefully getting into and out of a hammock.
2. You can spend your whole day watching Pelicans dive bomb for fish. (Trust me, it doesn’t get old).
3. You will become an expert on the weather, learning how long you have before an impending shower, where to take cover and how long said shower will last.
4. These afternoon showers are the perfect excuse for a nap.
5. You can eat lobster, fresh grilled fish and ceviche EVERY night for under $25.
6. You will learn to walk down the streets, avoiding potholes, puddles, bikes and golf carts, and not minding the spray of sand and gravel that dries on the back of your legs.
7. You can snorkel and dive iconic places like the Blue Hole, or just jump off your pier.
8. You can scout out the best spots for sunset and watch for the green flash on a nightly basis.
9. You can befriend the lovely locals who offer to carry you over puddles, warn you when showers are coming and stop you on the street just to say hi.
10. You can island hop your heart out, stopping at idyllic spots like Half Moon Caye.

Or you can do absolutely nothing at all! Just remember whatever you do… Go Slow!