About Me

DSC_1746After checking a few boxes on society’s checklist, I decided the conventional route wasn’t for me, so I packed up to answer a personal calling to see the world. Over 65 countries later, traveling has become a way of life for me. I am a passionate person who seeks out experiential journeys- ones that enable me to immerse myself in another culture and open my eyes to other ways of life.

Traveling has taught me so much of what cannot be learned in the confines of our smaller, personal, domestic lives, and I feel the way we can learn acceptance and tolerance is by shattering our assumptions and stereotypes through traveling. I love being behind the lens and capturing moments that tell stories about other cultures, customs, rituals, and people.

The World Is Your Playground is a place where I share my journeys through stories and pictures and offer hands on, practical advice to help you plan your own journey – whether short or long term, on a budget or not, because traveling shouldn’t be a luxury for some, it should be a call to adventure that everyone can answer.

Countries I’ve Visited

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