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Annapurna Made Easy

If you don’t want to read through all the details, but are looking for concise travel information (including average trekking times and prices for food/accommodation) for the Annapurna Circuit, I’ve listed some of it below. I trekked at the end of November, which was getting close to “off-season,” so some of the lodging was cheaper than you might expect to pay during peak season. I also consider these average trekking times. I hope this helps.

In Kathmandu, you can sort both your TIMS permit and the Annapurna Conservation Permit, they cost $20 and $25 respectively. You need both and they will be checked multiple times along the trail.
The bus from Kathmandu to Besi Sahar is a local bus and costs 380 rupees. There is no tourist bus for this route. You can begin the trek at Besi Sahar or take a jeep to Bhulbhule and start there (where no cars are allowed as of now). You can negotiate the cost of the jeep, but expect to pay around 400-500 per person for a group of 4.

For those considering doing the trek solo, (without a guide and porter) my advice is- if I can, you can. Not only will you save a ton of money, but you will be able to go at your own pace, spending more time in the places you like and branching off the well-beaten path when you want. If you change your mind, you can always pick up a guide and/or porter along the way. If you don’t take a porter, just remember you are carrying your own stuff, so PACK LIGHT!

Trekking Times:

Day 1 Bhulbhule to Gnadi 1:00
Day 2 Gnadi to Chamje 5:40
Day 3 Chamje to Timang 8:00
Day 4 Timang to Upper Pisang 7:30
Day 5 Upper Pisang to Manang 5:30
Day 6 Manang – Acclimatisation Day
Day 7 Manang to Khangsar 2:00
Day 8 Khangsar to Lake Tilicho BC 4:15
Day 9 Lake Tilicho BC to Lake 3:00
Lake to Basecamp1:30
Basecamp to ShreeKharkar3:00
Day 10 ShreeKharkar to Thorong Pedi 6:30
Day 11 Thorong Pedi to Muktinath 8:00
Day 12 Muktinath to Kaghbeni 2:30
Day 13 Kaghbeni to Tatopani Jeep
Day 14 Tatopani to Pokhara Jeep
Accommodation & Food Costs: These costs include cost of a room, and dinner and breakfast, beverages, the occasional hot water bottle and camera battery charge. I’ve indicated where there’s more than a one-night stay.
Gnadi – Sky High Hotel – 455 rupees (approximately $5.60)
Chamje – Chamje Guesthouse – 540 rupees
Timang – Prosanna Hotel – 690 rupees
Upper Pisang – Annapurna Hotel – 1340 rupees (i was really hungry)
Manang – 2 nights accommodation, 2 breakfasts, 2 dinner and lunch – 2555 rupees
Khangsar – Luxmi Inn – 590 rupees
Lake Tilicho – accommodation, dinner, breakfast and 2 lunches – 1720 rupees
Shree Kharkar – 1240 rupees
Thorong Phedi – 875 rupees
Muktinath – Bob Marley Hotel – 1500 rupees
Kaghbeni – 700 rupees
Tatopani – 600 rupees
You can see how the price for food and lodging increases as you get further along the trail, higher in elevation and closer to the Pass. Once you leave Muktinath, prices drop back down again.
Public busses from Jomsom to Pokhara are non-negotiable but you can negotiate Jeep prices and often times, you can get the same price for a jeep as you can for the bus if you have enough people in your group.
My last piece of advice is to take your time. Don’t get caught up about making it to a certain place by a certain time, unless you are on a time crunch. This is a beautiful part of the world…savor it.
Happy Trekking and Namaste!
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