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Hummus, hummus and more hummus

A week has passed since I’ve been in Israel. I’ve covered a lot of territory but haven’t been moving at break-neck speeds, leaving enough time for soaking in the culture and that has been interesting enough to say the least. There are so many components to Israel, so many different people, that it’s difficult to sum up this country concisely.

I began my journey in Haifa, where I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Anita from Switzerland, who is on a 3 week trip to Israel and Jordan. She took the train 2 stops too far, and I got off 2 stops too early and we ended up at the check-in desk at the Port Inn at the same exact time- gotta love coincidences!
We began our afternoon dodging rainstorms in a cafe near the Port Inn over the biggest bowl of hummus and made a plan for the next few days. The following morning we headed to Ben Gurion Avenue for breakfast and to tour the local shrine and gardens.
Ironically enough, I wasn’t beginning my time in Israel learning about Judaism, Islam or Christianity, but a more newly formed religion, called Baha’i. We took a guided tour to learn a bit more. I liked what I heard- a religion founded upon the goal of uniting all of humankind, one that believes in gender equality, education for all and non-violence. Funnily enough, there are no Bahai’s living in Israel as that is against the religion, and the country with the most followers – India.
From here, Anita and I were on a wild goose chase to find the Hertz car rental office. Shabbat was beginning at sundown, so we knew if we wanted to see anything the following day, we would need a car. After 30 minutes of literally running in circles, a kind gentlemen told us that the office had moved… so we weren’t unable to read the map, but we were without wheels!
We still managed to get to Acre the following day by sherut, or shared taxi, but other than being an old port town with some of the best hummus I’ve ever had, Acre wasn’t much to write home about. After stuffing ourselves on hummus, pita, tabouleh and french fries, we roamed the port town in a semi-conscious state, plopping down for double espressos by the waterfront.
With nothing left to do in Acre and Haifa but eat, we decided to move on to Nazareth, public transportation allowing.
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