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A Break in the City of KK

Kota Kinabalu was a welcomed city break. As much as I prefer remote places when traveling, and would take the beach or the mountains over a city any day, it’s still nice to visit a city, connect with reality, check email, eat some international food, do some laundry and maybe score an air-con room.

I arrived in KK a bit late and split a van into town with a group from Mulu: the Frenchies (Alex and Flo, who I would later see in Sipadan and then travel with for about 3 weeks in Indonesia) and Kate (my British friend who would randomly end up being my dive buddy in Sipadan).

I spent the evening sampling some delicious food at the night market, fresh fish, street meat, grilled vegetables and dessert- this is by far the biggest and most impressive night market I have seen in Southeast Asia.
The following morning, my dorm buddy, Monique, and I headed over to the Kinabalu tourism office to sort our climb. It turned out that we would have to wait 3 days due to availability, but it was a welcomed break, which allowed me to sort my visa at the Indonesian Embassy and hang out in the city with the crew that had been forming since Niah.

Each day, more and more people that we knew kept filtering in, and with little communication between us all, we all somehow ended up at the same hostel. On our last night out, there were a group of 13 of us from Australia, Holland, England, Italy, Croatia and France. It was a splitting off point for a lot of us. Some were returning home, some were headed off to the Philippines and others were headed east to Mount Kinabalu and Sipadan. It was a great night out and not goodbye, for you know that paths will cross with mostly everyone in some other city at some point in time.

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